Starcraft 2 patch, reviving Brood War (Free-to-play SC1 remake?)

Blizzard’s StarCraft II patch to v2.1 released earlier this week introduces certain free-to-play features (map editor, Arcade access, access to additional races, etc.) but also two nice tips of the hat to SC1/Brood War players:

1: Big Game Hunters is finally back, and official! (Click here & scroll down a bit.)

2: An HD remaster of the original StarCraft soundtrack has been added to the Options–>Sounds menu.

Let the good (old) times roll!

Also: Amazing the difference the soundtrack makes to the StarCraft 1 remake, StarCraft Mass Recall. Still an open question as of this post as to whether or not it works for free-to-play players, but I’d bet it works.

Have you tried, or are you ready to download the free-to-play edition of SC2 and give it a go? I’m dying to know – Please comment below.

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