I’m back!

I’m back online, and more importantly, so’s MrZaius.com – Now being edited from Pristina, Kosovo. Not much warranted talking about after leaving Nepal and arriving in Santiago (and not much warranted talking about in Nepal, judging by the old posts restored here), but hopefully I’ll have an insight or two worth spamming folks about now that I’m back out in the real world.

It’s strange how much of a difference it makes, having an international border between you and the nearest McDonald’s. Definitely makes life a great deal more interesting.

This site was once hosted gratis by my former employer, the late great GSI Hosting – Sadly, my server there is long deceased & offline, but I’m starting anew on EC2 & moving some content back to NearlyFreeSpeech.net. Highly recommend NFS, but still have a lot to learn about EC2 before saying the same.

Hey: There’s a decent thing to write about. Hmm… That’d be original and everything, right? Well, maybe not, but at least I might be that guy that finally posts a decent “here’s how much a low/no-traffic WordPress site costs to host” post.

I swear – If one more guy had posted instructions to reach EC2’s pricing calculator instead of just giving a basic answer about real throughput & storage requirements, I’d have just given up and tried to see for myself. Matter of fact, that’s precisely what happened.

Enough rambling. Time for sleep.

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