Starcraft 2 patch, reviving Brood War (Free-to-play SC1 remake?)

Blizzard’s StarCraft II patch to v2.1 released earlier this week introduces certain free-to-play features (map editor, Arcade access, access to additional races, etc.) but also two nice tips of the hat to SC1/Brood War players:

1: Big Game Hunters is finally back, and official! (Click here & scroll down a bit.)

2: An HD remaster of the original StarCraft soundtrack has been added to the Options–>Sounds menu.

Let the good (old) times roll!

Also: Amazing the difference the soundtrack makes to the StarCraft 1 remake, StarCraft Mass Recall. Still an open question as of this post as to whether or not it works for free-to-play players, but I’d bet it works.

Have you tried, or are you ready to download the free-to-play edition of SC2 and give it a go? I’m dying to know – Please comment below.

Fallout3 – The RIGHT level cap solution.

Complete review here.

I’m 60 hours in to the 80 hour game, and I’ve already hit the level cap. While fan patches exist (—Skill-Level-Cap-100-Mod) they aren’t the right approach:
What the creators should do is:
1: Slow the development of all experience by 10-25% or drop the benefits from leveling by a similar amount.
2: Raise the level cap by two
3: Clearly warn the user when they’re hitting the level cap.

This last is extremely important, as the user currently isn’t warned anywhere about the impending level cap, but there are compelling multiple traits that can only be added at the final level-up. Warn the user and let them make an informed choice with their final choice.

The level cap is a valuable thing, keeping you reasonably in line with the rest of the world but at a high enough level that the game is quite a bit easier. If this can’t be done in a mod like the one linked above, it should be done by the developers. As it is, the game is out of balance, and far more so than….. say…. StarCraft or Company of Heroes, when they shipped and then got multiple patches that rewrote the stats of substantial numbers of character classes.